Services | Hydraulic Power Units


ATM represents a complete range of services around the pneumatic and hydraulic dar. We provide solutions from the standard or special projects for specific customer requirements.

Services | Hydraulic Cylinders

Our hydraulic cylinders are designed for special machines, mobile hydraulics, industrial applications, steering systems, lifting platforms, around cranes, aerial work platforms, in agricultural and forestry technology, defense technology and lifting devices.

Ventil und Steuerungstechnologie

The ATM valve range includes the following areas: hydraulics, pneumatics, measuring devices, cooling systems and aerospace in many designs and numerous configurations. ATM valve brands include Parker and Rexroth

Through our customers’ worldwide network

ATM services can create repair services at all levels for its customers worldwide, making use of extensive facilities in their own facilities or through the global network of suppliers

System solutions for aluminum processing

Aluminium Industries

As a system provider, we provide solutions for processing aluminum processing, regardless of the type of system.
This applies both to new systems and to retrofitting existing production systems

Production lines

Vermiculite Board Line

ATM offers production presses that enable rational cutting, embossing, drawing, punching and calibrating for the production of ready-to-install precision parts in one operation sequence.

Fully automatic transfer presses

trasfer presses

ATM offers complete systems for the production of parts with transfer presses without the use of labor. An electronic transfer takes the parts from one processing stage to the next.

Spotting and calibrating

ATM has developed a hydraulic press for the preparation and calibration of tools, especially for spotting work, which meets the highest requirements with regard to parallelism and holding accuracy.

Trial presses and tryout presses

ATM Factory

In order to keep the start-up costs of new tool sets low and to prepare them optimally for series production

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