Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions
Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions

With the PLC-based control technology, we offer an open and flexible automation solution for

  • Forming Technology / Sheet Metal Working
  • Woodworking machinery
  • Plastics Machinery
  • packaging machines
  • machine tools
  • Tire and rubber industry
  • Robotics in handling, manufacturing and assembly
  • window Construction
  • Printing and paper machines
  • Wind turbines
  • photovoltaics
  • water Management

In addition to the industrial PLCs, I / Os and fieldbus components, the drive technology and the automation software S7, 1200/300, the product range includes a uniform, scalable and modular control system.

Increasing product diversity, strongly fluctuating lot sizes and pronounced cost awareness require a high degree of flexibility in global competition. This is exactly where the PLC-based control technology from ATM offers a decisive competitive advantage:

  • scalable
  • and flexible solutions with high performance and high precision.

As varied as the size and shape of sheet metal parts, the machining processes are just as varied, from rolling, cutting, embossing, folding, drawing, joining and cleaning to finishing the surfaces. The production takes place on processing machines, in presses, in punches, in processing centers or in fully automatic production lines, which in addition to the pure sheet metal processing also include handling devices, storage, automatic material feed and integration into the company network.

The production systems should work in a highly productive, precise, reproducible and of course cost-effective manner. This requires optimally coordinated processes with short downtimes and set-up times. Large forces at high speeds, which are required for machines, also require sophisticated control technology. ATM also require expandability and flexibility in order to be able to meet customer requests simply and inexpensively.

Automation solutions | Scalable control technology

The scalable and modularly designed ATM solution enables customized solutions with regard to computing power, complexity and costs, which significantly increase the productivity and flexibility of sheet metal processing machines. All over the world, diverse applications in presses, cutting, bending and welding systems demonstrate the advantages of PC-based control technology, in which all processes, from the control to the control, motion and HMI, run on one PLC. The high processor performance of the PLC technology enables the elimination of special hardware. B. Position and pressure regulator for hydraulic valves can be replaced by software. The PLC calculates even the most complex control engineering algorithms without sacrificing performance and also provides enough performance for other functions, such as measurement tasks.

The optimal control for every application

ATM offers industrial PLCs with Windows operating systems for every size and performance class of sheet metal working machines. In combination with the S7 200/300 automation software, the PLCs form a powerful controller for PLC, NC and CNC functionalities. Additional programs, for example for visualization, can be easily integrated.

Automation solutions | SIMATIC S7-300-1200:

The modular controller for the manufacturing industry The SIMATIC S7-300-1200 is specially designed for innovative system solutions in the manufacturing industry – Here the modular controller as a universal automation system is the optimal solution for applications in a central and decentralized structure. In addition to standard automation, safety technology and motion control can also be integrated.

Powerful, compact and economical

The SIMATIC S7-300 enables a space-saving and modular structure. The diverse range of modules can be used for specific tasks for central expansions or the establishment of decentralized structures and enables inexpensive spare parts storage. Numerous innovations make the SIMATIC S7-300 a complete system that saves you additional investment and maintenance costs.

SIMATIC STEP 7: the comprehensive engineering system

Even in the basic version, the full performance of the Siemens controller can be conveniently used with SIMATIC STEP 7. SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional opens up even more possibilities with a large selection of program editors. The new STEP 7 Basic offers a common platform for the engineering of the S7-1200 controller and the SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels.

Support in all phases of the life cycle

With a wealth of convenient functions, the SIMATIC STEP 7 software ensures significantly more efficiency in all automation tasks. Whether for configuring and parameterizing the hardware, defining communication, programming or for testing, commissioning and service, for documentation and archiving or for operational or diagnostic functions: the software sets standards in its discipline.

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