Hydraulic shears

NC hydraulic shear

Hydraulic shears HGM series from ATM angle adjustable hydraulic shears are strong and easy to use. With the Hydraulic shears can be cut any type of bow with the best quality and speed.

Hydraulic shears could easily with the use of CYBELEC controller are programmed. If the type, thickness and length of the leaf input to the controller, calculates and adjusts machine blade gap adjustment, back-stop distance, cutting length and rake angle automatically. Cutting angle is automatically adjusted according to thickness, so when cutting thin sheets of the shortest stroke are used.

General Specifications

Machine’s body and discs produced by steel construction is designed to be worked with maximum resistance power and minimum stretching. Hydraulic cylinders are honed sensitively, pistons are processed and hardened with steel material and then stoned and coated by chrome and produced as to be worked without any problem all along year by making micro polisage.

Standard Equipments

  • Four edges usable blades with parts.
  • Angle adjustment preventing sprain on sheet, providing energy saving and increasing the piece of cutting.
  • Motor sentil setting that can be adjusted from control panel.
  • Cutting length adjustment.
  • Double pump providing serial cutting and accumulator adjustment providing serial rising.
  • European screwed, pinned programmable motor NC resistance system.
  • Ten support platform with T canal and meter.
  • Sliding ball pre support platform.
  • Powerful press cylinders preventing the sliding of sheet during cutting.
  • Upper disk system working without requiring maintenance between rollers.
  • Dismountable back sheet slider.
  • Control panel having all key pad on it.
  • Foot pedal with emergency stop.


  • Gradual front set-square.
  • Pneumatic sheet carrier designed for thin sheets.
  • Laser cutting line determination.
  • Beam barrier for hand protection.
  • Blades suitable to the material to be cut.
  • Special throat depth.
  • Movable control panel where all key pads collected on it.
  • Conformity with European job safety norm (CE).

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