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Welcome to ATM Deutschland GmbH!

ATM Deutschland GmbH

ATM Deutschland GmbH supply in forming technology, tools and know-how for the entire sheet metal and metal industries.

ATM Deutschland GmbH supplies machines and complete systems for the entire plastic manufacturer, automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, shipbuilding manufacturers, building material manufacturers as well as companies from the household appliances and electrical industry are among our most important customers.

ATM Deutschland GmbH continuously invest in progressive technologies, thereby achieving maximum productivity and quality combined with low costs. In this way, we are able to offer our customers new and economic solutions under our trademarks ATM and Elmali

ATM Deutschland GmbH is represented worldwide with its hydraulic presses, punching presses, perforation presses and production presses and guarantees its customers a customer-oriented service, both from a technical and a commercial point of view.

Branch Solutions

Branch Solutions | Plastics industries

plastic parts

The presses for the plastics industry, and in particular reinforced polyester, SMC or GMT, require maximum precision in terms of parallelism, pressure monitoring, times and travel distances.

Branch Solutions | Gas- and Oil Industries

lpg cylinders

ATM supplies production plants for manufacturing of gas cylinders, oil and gas storage and cylindrical sheet metal samples

Branch Solutions | Home appliance industries

cooking pot set

Household appliance industries ATM manufacture full plants for the production of pans, pressure cookers, frying pans or woks. The products are manufactured in complex production processes.

System solutions for the automotive industries


Hydraulic presses and complete systems for cold and hot forming. Automated plants, technological solutions

System solutions for the airspace industries

Hydraulic presses and complete systems for cold and hot forming. Automated plants, technological solutions for airspace

System solutions for the ballistic industries

ATM supplies production plants for manufacturing of Helmets and plates. The production line includes Presses, Molds, Glue-Cabies, Sandblasting equipments, painting cabines and Printing machines.

Current projects

Current projects

Here we have put together a few of our current projects that we have implemented for our customers. So that you can find out what machines and what purpose are manufactured.

Current projects | Vermiculite boards production facility

Vermiculite Board Line

With the support of ATM engineers, we successfully commissioned a vermiculite boards production plant with the interface equipment in an Uzbek customer. Januar 2020

Current projects | Pressing Plant for helmets and plates


The pressing plant for helmets and plates used by Duponts Kevlar was supplied to the Saudi company. Dezember 2019

Current projects | Coil-sheet-cutting Line

Current projects

The fence manufacturer, Gloger+Birke GmbH is now using our punching line to make the parts for the garden fence. Februar 2019

Current projects | Hydraulic deep drawing presses for the production of exhaust


The exhaust manufacturer Sebring-Remus from Austria is now using our presses to produce exhaust parts for the automotive industry. August 2018

Product Spectrum

Hydraulic Presses

Product Spectrum
Product Spectrum

Product Spectrum, Hydraulic presses are used due to their versatility in sheet metal, powder, plastic and plastic forming. Pressing forces, ram stroke and speeds are adjustable. Further economic aspects are developed through the design of the drive and the use of modern control technology.

Punching Presses

Punching Presses

Punching Presses are successfully used in diverse industries. The flexible and economical production of sheet metal parts are produced in the best quality and many pieces.

Perforating Presse by ATM

Perforation Pressen

Modern PLC Perforation press to produce a diverse range of perforated plates. Perforation of plate material up to 5500 mm in length and up to 250 (2000) mm wide and up to 2 mm thickness.

Workshop Presses

Workshop press

The Workshop presses are manufactured standard with the pressure capacity from 30 to 600 Metric tons.

NC Hydraulic Press Brakes

Press Brakes
Press Brakes

CNC Hydraulic Press Brakesfrom ATM are fast and exceptionally accurate bending brakes for precise sheet metal forming through defined bending and edging.

NC hydraulic guillotine shears

NC hydraulic shear

The NC hydraulic guillotine shears are manufactured using the latest technology. The frame and knife are designed so that the most precise cuts can be made. The NC hydraulic guillotine shears are built in a closed frame construction that minimizes torsion and at the same time enables good cutting results under difficult working conditions. NC hydraulic guillotine shears are built according to the CE standard and meet all applicable safety regulations

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