CNC Wooden Cutting Machine

CNC Cutting Machine CR4

The machine is suitable for making cabinet doors, cabinet doors, plastic doors, wood decorations, partitions and some other industries.
Single or complex panel designs can be completed in one process such as drilling, molding, carving, cutting and various types of 3D modeling.
This machine can be used alone or integrated with automatic labeling machine, door hinge hole drill, door leaf turner, door shaping and cutting.


Short delivery time
CE certificate
OEM available
Advanced design for appearance
Cover with hollow LED light


Aus rechteckigen Stahlrohren gefertigt, bietet es der Maschinenstruktur eine ausreichende Steifigkeit und eine gute Beständigkeit statischen und dynamischen Belastungen ausgesetzt. Das Bett wird von CNC-Metallbearbeitungszentren hergestellt, wodurch eine hohe Genauigkeit erreicht werden kann und Qualität bei der Bearbeitung von Werkstücken jeder Größe.


Made from rectangular steel tubes and reinforced inside with additional stiffeners. The construction of the portal offers a
high rigidity, resistance to static and dynamic loads. The portal frame is made by CNC metalworking centers.
Guaranteed high accuracy and quality better than the cheap lightweight aluminum portals.

Inclined gears GEAR – RACK AXIS X –Y

The teeth in helical gears are gradually loaded as they enter the area of engagement, at least two pairs of teeth are always engaged. These factors determine the smooth running of the helical gearing as well as the noise reduction and additional dynamic loads compared to the spur gear.


Since the Z-axis is considered to be the most heavily loaded axis during machining, the use of ball screws ensures extremely low friction between the elements, which in turn protects the assembly from rapid wear and a significant loss of efficiency as well as from less heating of the friction elements during operation.


The design and components of this electrospindle are 100% identical to those of the world’s leading spindle manufacturer – HQD.
Speed (18,000 rpm) and power (4.5KW) enable the processing of wooden parts as well as chipboard, MDF, plastic, Acrylic glass and other materials.


The work table of the machine is made of wear-resistant polymer with integrated aluminum rails “T” -shaped.
This construction allows you to choose the method of fastening the workpiece by vacuum pick-up or with the help of mechanical clamps, which allows you to switch off the vacuum pump and save energy without having to frequently change the workpiece.

X Working Area1300mm
Y Working Area2500mm 
Z Working Area280mm 
Table size1380x2750mm
Traveling Positioning Accuracy±0.05mm
Repositioning Positioning Accuracy±0.05mm
Table TypeVacuum table
Vacuum pump5.5KW water vacuum pump
X,Y,Z-StructureXY gear wheel, Z ball screw
Power Consumption, max.≤20KW
Rapid Travel Rate, max.45000mm/min
Working Speed, max.25000mm/min
Spindle2*4.5kw and 2*6.0kw air cooled spindle
Spindle Speed0-18000rpm/min
Driver& MotorXY-Achse mit 750w und Z-Achse mit 1,8-kW-Servomotor, Z-Achse mit Japan-Shimpo-Reduzierstück
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