CNC Sliding table saw

The main function of the precision panel saw is to take advantage of its structural properties, d parts the table moves back and forth to realize the sawing of the panel being processed. The main structural feature of the precision panel saw is the use of two saw blades, namely the main saw blade and the scoring saw blade. When cutting, the scoring saw cuts prematurely and first cuts a groove 1 to 2 mm deep and 0.1 to 0.2 mm thick than the main saw blade on the underside of the machined panel to ensure that the cutting edge cracks when cutting the main saw blade, in order to achieve a good cut quality. The scoring saw blade is small in diameter, typically around 120 mm, and is driven by a separate motor. It is necessary that the scoring saw blade and the main saw blade are aligned in the same vertical plane. The diameter of the main saw blade is usually 300-400mm, which is driven by the main motor via the V-belt.


1, apply to processing all kinds of density boards, shaving boards, wood-based panels, ABS panels, PVC panels, organic glass panels and solid wood and others with wood structure and similar hardness.
2, high-precision sliding table guide rail, accurate and durable.
3, the sliding table is made of high strength extruded aluminum alloy with the characteristics of high strength and no deformation.
4, with oxidation treatment, moving table surface is beautiful and durable.
5, Inclination angle of the main and scoring saw blades are directly controlled and displayed by precision inclinometers.
6, heavier 430mm wide sliding table and full size work tables
7, European sawdust hood

Over all dimensions3200x3150x900mm
Sliding Table Size3200x435mm
Max. Cutting Length3100mm
Cutting Width Between Saw Blade and Rip Fence1200mm
Max.Cutting Thickness80mm(100mm optional)
Main Saw Blade Diameter305mm(200mm-400mm optional)
Main Saw Blade Speed3000/4000/5000rpm
Scoring Saw Blade Speed8800rpm
Main Saw Spindle Diameter30mm
Scoring Saw Spindle Diameter20mm
Main Motor5.5kw
Scoring Motor1.1kw
Saw Blade Titling Angle90°-45°
Packing Size3250*450*300mm
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