Plastics Industries

Plastics industries

Plastics Industries

Plastic parts with hydraulic presses

The hydraulic presses for the plastics industry, and in particular reinforced polyester, SMC or GMT, require maximum precision with regard to parallelism, pressure monitoring, times and travel distances. For this purpose, we manufacture special press systems that are equipped with the latest developments in hydraulic equipment

ATM offer customized solutions. We manufacture the systems with tool changing systems, ejection devices, die handling, etc.


  • Cable runs
  • Dichtungen
  • Blasebalge
  • Überzüge
  • Muffen
  • Stossdämpfer
  • Stütze

Electrical appliances

  • Electrical appliances
  • Seals
  • Salves
  • Rreserves
  • Spring plates
  • Silent block
  • Pipe Collection


  • cable runs
  • spring plates
  • seals
  • Silemblock
  • bellows
  • shock absorber
  • Support
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